33 Sentences That Will Turn That Drunk Girl In The Bathroom Into Your BFF

There’s a special kind of magical transformation in the air that happens in women’s bathrooms around the world once you add alcohol. We shed our bitchy outer shell, and suddenly become a ray of sunshine that’s friendly to anyone and everyone. Why is it we do this? Some say it’s a mystery. It’s been told that since the dawn of time, the strongest of female bonds have formed while inebriated in the bathroom.

Trying to make a new BFF using this method? Using any of these statements could easily get you off to a great start.

  1. Is that the Kylie lip kit?
  2. Girl, what did he do?
  3. I wish I could pull that off!
  4. Let me hold your hair for you.
  5. Wanna take a selfie?
  6. You’re way prettier than her.
  7. You’re so tiny!
  8. Don’t use that stall, there’s no toilet paper in there.
  9. Do you want me to take a picture of you guys?
  10. You’re right, he is such an asshole.
  11. You look so pretty when you cry.
  12. Here, take my hair tie.
  13. You’re winged eyeliner is so even.
  14. Let’s follow each other on Instagram!
  15. Where’d you get that?
  16. This is my song too!
  17. *scream-sings along with you*
  18. I can’t even tell those are extensions!
  19. Your skin is so pretty!
  20. Don’t worry, I’ve got an extra bobby pin.
  21. Hold up, let me get that lipstick off your teeth.
  22. He doesn’t deserve you!
  23. I’ve creeped on you before.
  24. You’ve slept with him too?!
  25. Tell me everything.
  26. I have an extra tampon you can use.
  27. You’re sooo pretty.
  28. Do you want to go take a shot?
  29. Heeeeyyy!!!
  30. You’re so much nicer than you look!
  31. The stall won’t lock? I’ll hold it for you.
  32. No, you’re not crazy at all!

Cheers to that.

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