Seth Rogen Thinks Greek Life Is Kind Of Sexist

Seth Rogen

With the release of Neighbors 2 fast approaching, Seth Rogen, Chlöe Grace Moretz, and other members of the cast have been the ~experts~ on Greek life. I don’t believe either of them are Greek, so I wouldn’t exactly call them experts, you know, without the squiggles, but I understand why they have people’s interests right now and want their opinions on the Greek system.

Turns out? They’re not so fond of it.

Seth Rogen, frankly, thinks it’s sexist. Mainly, because sororities can’t throw parties, I think. He said: “The sheer fact that the women and men don’t have equal rights and opportunities I think, by definition, makes it sexist”

I don’t know that I’ve ever felt we had unequal rights aside from the party thing, but I’d agree. That’s kind of fucked up. Moretz agrees it’s “a little antiquated.”

But the pair goes on to mention the exclusive nature of fraternities and sororities. Rogen said in his interview:

“It is really weird. I think Americans like clubs. They like being little groups. They like excluding people from their little group. And I think the fraternity and sorority system really speaks to that.”

Chloe chimed in that we were “cliques.”

I can’t disagree that we are based on exclusivity, but I think being exclusive is distinctly different from being exclusionary, and that’s important to remember. Watch the full interview.

Meh, who cares. Still looks funny. #Sororitity

[via Motto]

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