Sex Isn’t ~Trendy~ Anymore


For literally my entire life, I have understood just how important sex was. My Barbies always made out with the hottest G.I. Joes I managed to steal from my brothers. I always left the room during movie sex scenes because I felt like I wasn’t old enough to see them. And when I was six I asked my mother how long I’d have to have a penis inside of me so I could become pregnant. When she told me “a few minutes” (awkward) I remember being anxious because I wasn’t confident I could count the seconds by while distracted. I asked for a stopwatch for Christmas, just so I could be prepared for the future.

You know, normal kid stuff.

Anyway, as I got older (and sluttier) I realized how important sex *really* was. It can connect you with someone. It can be used as a weapon. It makes you feel good, and you can make someone else feel good and hell, if all else fails you’re bound to at least get some dinner out of it. There’s a reason it’s in movies, it’s used to sell products, and it’s the source of most things — good and bad — in our lives. At the core of everything, sex quite literally makes the world go ’round.

So it comes as a shock that millennials sort of DGAF about sex.

In a recent study done by The Archives of Sexual Behavior, researchers discovered that those of us born in the “pussy generation” kind of don’t care about getting laid. First it was just teenagers but now? It’s all of us. It seems that sex, what was once the most important thing in. the. world. is, dare I say, going out of style?

From Cosmopolitan:

“For an average date, you’re going to spend at least two hours, and in that two hours I won’t be doing something I enjoy,” said 18-year-old Noah Patterson, who’d rather be working or playing video games. “I enjoy [female] companionship, but it’s not a significant part of life.”

Here’s an 18-year-old guy who DOESN’T care about getting it in. I’m sorry, but when I was 18 I’m pretty sure a guy could have been having his arm hacked off and would still have been down to fuck. But it’s not just horn-dog guys. Women, who are finally getting to the point of sexual liberation, are feeling pretty “eh” about it too.

“I don’t involve myself in the scene of frat parties and hookup culture … but it seems like every other option is so time-consuming and very hard to seek out,” said 19-year-old Alexandra Wolff. “It’s not like I’m saving myself for anything; it’s more like I’ve been busy.”

So obviously this isn’t everyone (big fan of frat parties over here). There are still the sexually adventurous out there. But it seems that sex is taking the backseat (not literally, unfortunately) to other interests. According to the article, “double the number of Millennials born in the 1990s had no sexual partners since age 18 compared to Gen X’ers who were born in the 1960s.” Some people think it’s because sex isn’t taboo anymore. Others think it’s thanks to technology. I mean, come on. When’s the last time you hung out with a guy without a screen in front of you two? Intercourse had its time, but it seems that it’s something else’s turn to take over.

Hey, at least we won’t have to shave as much, right?

[via Cosmopolitan]

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