Shut Up And Watch This UW Madison Snapchat Love Story

Usually, I tap through my Snapstories just to make the little circles go away. Especially the campus stories that let any rando put up their noninteresting lives for everyone to see. But a video has surfaced that can be described as the only watchable campus story in history.

A girl thought one of the guys who posted on the campus story was cute, so she sent him a message, à la Craigslist Missed Connections. And then he answered. And then she answered. And then a modern day love story was born. The school created a geotag to make sure that these two people who are taking a shot at love could come together and meet.

You can’t tell me your heart was not racing when she was waiting for him at the KK. The last time I was this invested in another person’s love life was, actually, never. Their first embrace warmed my cold, dead heart and one solitary tear fell from my eye. My only hope is that these two went home and boned. Passionately boned. If this quest for love isn’t romance, then I don’t know what is.

[via GQ]

Image via Youtube

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