SigEps In Party Tanks Explain Ridiculous Reasons They’re Voting For Trump

Donald Trump Supporters

“I literally have no idea why anyone would vote for Trump.” -Most people.

Thankfully, a bunch of SigEps in knockoff Rowdy Gentleman tank tops have broken it down for us, and you guys, they really know what they’re talking about.

There is some logic that just can’t be refuted.

He walked out to “We’re Not Gonna Take It.”

A good observation, and an equally good indication on how well Trump would run our country.

“Politics are supposed to be boring, so when three 18-year-old kids are driving up to a Trump rally, that’s a movement.”

Three people does not a movement make.

“It probably wouldn’t be wise to have the leader of our country calling other leaders losers, because of what that did.

“—To me? I like that. It shows how competitive he is.”

This is a bad idea, but fuck it! I like it!

“In school we learn about uhh, how America was great back in, back in….awhile ago or whenever.”

You simply cannot argue with that logic.gma

“The fact that Donald Trump doesn’t care about the quote unquote ‘political correctness.'”

This, to me, is the core reason people are actually voting for Trump, and again, to me, it’s a real issue. Political correctness has gotten out of control. People are being bashed left and right for saying what’s on their mind if it doesn’t go along with the status quo, and people are sick of it. People are sick of having to tiptoe around everyone’s feelings. And unfortunately the only person who’s not too scared to say what he really feels is a psychopath. They’re not supporting his policies, that’s clear. They’re supporting him because they think his rants are a “breath of fresh air” — just because he’s loud, and different, and ridiculous. And it’s sad that we’re so politically correct that people are actually considering voting a cartoon character into the White House, just because they’re sick of that.

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