So It Turns Out That Coconut Oil Is Actually Super Unhealthy And We’ve All Been Lied To


There are a few facts in life I’d always considered indisputable: grass is green, water is wet, and coconut oil is the cure for everything. While grass and water haven’t changed much, some of the science behind coconut oil has, and I am SHOOK. Here I am, rubbing it on my hair and face while throwing it in smoothies, pasta, and everything else I eat, oblivious to the fact that apparently science has now decided that coconut oil is bad for you. That’s right – scientists went and changed their minds on you and decided that you actually shouldn’t have been consuming coconut oil all this time – in fact, you should really be avoiding it.

Are you horrified? You should be. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), the coconut oil you’ve been throwing in all of the Pinterest recipes you’ve been concocting is actually worse than butter, beef fat, palm oil, and even lard. This sounds like some kind of sick joke, but it’s real. For those of you without a science background, there are two main types of cholesterol – HDL, otherwise known as “good” cholesterol, and LDL cholesterol, which is the bad cholesterol that’s a major contributor to heart disease and diabetes. The AHA was able to show with 100% accuracy that consuming coconut oil increased LDL levels. Oh, and by the way, it contains more saturated fat than all of those disgusting fats I mentioned earlier. That’s right, Nutella is literally better than this shit you’ve been consuming daily under the disguise of its health food label.

If you’ve been having a hard time attaining your perfect bikini body this year, now you may know who’s to blame – or you at least have a scapegoat for your terrible behavior. No, surely it wasn’t the late night Taco Bell runs having a negative impact on your body – it’s the coconut oil smoothies! On the bright side, now that you know that Nutella is better for you, you can stop buying $12 jars of coconut flavored slime and pick up the spoon to snack on some chocolate hazelnut spread instead. Keep the rest of your jar for a leave-in hair mask, but whatever you do, don’t consume it – pick another unhealthy alternative that at least tastes good, ok?

[via USA Today]

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