So Taylor Swift Is Definitely Dropping A Surprise Album This Fall (Probably)

So Taylor Swift Is Definitely Dropping A Surprise Album This Fall (Probably)

Big news for Taylor Swift fans. Big news. Huge. It’s just been announced that Tay Tay is performing at the pre-Super Bowl. Who the fuck knew such a thing even existed? Not me. But apparently the night before the Super Bowl is DIRECTV’s Super Saturday Night pre-Super Bowl performance, which Taylor is scheduled to headline. And, uhh, they’re building a brand new 64,000-square-foot venue for it.

*Carrie Bradshaw voice*

I couldn’t help but wonder, could this mean ~new music~ on the horizon for Taylor Swift?

Tay’s team swears up and down that she is NOT releasing any new music this fall, even though she has released new music every other October since the beginning of time (shut up, you know what I mean), and she’s due. It does seem odd that she’d be headlining this super important sports thing with music that’s two years old, so let’s look at the facts that were previously laid out by Buzzfeed.

Taylor’s only performance this year (that we know of) is Formula One in Texas October 21-23. The following day is the 10 year anniversary of her first album, Taylor Swift, which released on October 24, 2006. Seems iconic. Seems like there could be a surprise album in the mix.

The reason, of course, for the surprise is that with all the drama that’s been surrounding Taylor lately, the Calvin Harris bitter tweets, the Kim and Kanye tea, the fucking weird as shit very public, potentially for publicity, potentially just a prop for a visual album a la Lemonade relationship with Tom Hiddleston, she doesn’t need to be doing hype interviews where questions about ALL that can’t be avoided.

And hey, it seems like the ~perfect~ time to re-own her “narrative,” with some badass songs about how she knows she’s a cunt. Or something.

Some other hints:

Gigi Hadid mentioned that Taylor was in the studio, despite vehement claims from her team that she was “taking some time off.”

She’s been spending a lot of time in Nashville, where she’s known to do a lot of her writing.

Scott Borchetta, the president of Taylor’s record label tweeted and then DELETED that Taylor wouldn’t be released this year. Sus.

There’s this snippet that sounds a lot like Taylor, though Kelsea Ballerini claims it’s her demo and that it’s all “crazy confusion.”

This radio intern who tweeted AND DELETED about having heard Taylor’s music.


The suspected date for the surprise album to drop, according to the Washington Post is October 23, with a backup date of November 13. Guess we’ll find out soon.

[via Washington Post, Buzzfeed]

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