So, Uhh, There’s An Online Sorority

So, Uhh, There's An Online Sorority

There are so many different types of sororities. There are multicultural sororities, business sororities, service sororities, and now…online sororities.

The LA based Facebook group “Girls Night In” was started by Annaliese Nielsen. The initial purpose is for women to connect online and find a support system digitally — it has been compared to a digital sorority, which Nielsen thinks is accurate. After hearing the recruitment process, honestly, it’s not too far off.

Getting into the highly selective group is tricky. At least three veteran women in the group have to nominate new members and, even then, they have to be deemed worthy of entry.
“One of the most interesting things about ‘Girls Night In’ is the exclusivity,” said Kristen V. Brown, a technology reporter with Fusion. “They cull members who are not active [in the social media group] because those are the lurkers who might spill the secrets. That allows it to be this really supportive, bare-all-your-dirty-laundry community.”

The group members — women aged 18 to mid-40s — post about everything going on in their lives from relationship and outfit advice, to more serious topics like politics and even sexual assault.

So are Facebook groups the new frontier? They just might be.

[via ABC]

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