Some Pretty Damning Evidence That Vanessa From “The Bachelor” Is Here For The Wrong Reasons

Some Pretty Damning Evidence That Vanessa From "The Bachelor" Is Here For The Wrong Reasons

Lies. Deception. And pure manipulation from someone WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR, Tyra Banks style.

It’s easy to cast Corinne as The Bachelor villain and claim that she’s there for all the wrong reasons, I mean she has a nanny and was in a 2 Chainz music video, after all. But at least it’s blatantly obvious that she is just there to be famous. But what if I told you that front runner, and my personal favorite, Vanessa Grimaldi, could possibly be there for the wrong reasons as well.

YOU MEAN SWEET VANESSA!? The special education teacher!? The only one who has her head on her shoulders!? She isn’t on the show to marry the four-time reality tv veteran Nick Viall!? It turns our Vanessa is full of shit.

My life in a picture. 💩

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I don’t know what is more off putting about this whole situation, the fact that ABC picked Nick over Chase or that Vanessa has an IMDb page that reads,

“Vanessa Grimaldi, Actress.”

ACTRESS!?! No wonder I love her so freaking much. I always fall for liars and manipulators. If you’ve missed this season of The Bachelor, you can check Vanessa out on Blue Mountain State, Ascension, and Being Human (whatever that is).

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