Someone Is Sending Creepy Text Messages To ADPi’s New Members at TCU

Creepy Texts

On August 21st, ADPi at TCU welcomed a bunch of new members, much like many chapters did in the past few weeks. The difference between ADPi’s pledge class and yours, however, is that ADPi has been the recipient of some weird stalker-like situation. According to TCU 360, new members began receiving “hostile messages” shortly after Bid Day from someone who claimed to be an active member of the sorority, but after an internal investigation, the chapter’s president, Ashley Hodge, was “able to conclude that it was not a member of Alpha Delta Pi who sent the text message as that name and phone number matched none of our national records.”

I know what you’re thinking: “Duh, burner phone.” Or at least that’s what I’m thinking, but I watch a lot of Law and Order: SVU. In any case, it’s beyond creepy. I can’t imagine why a random would threaten new members, but after learning about the text messages, Hodge went to the TCU Fraternity and Sorority Life office, who advised her to go to the TCU Police Department as well as ADPi Headquarters. “Our main objective is to stop this person from harassing our members and to prevent this from happening to other women on TCU’s campus,” Hodge said.

As of right now, there isn’t much else the chapter can do, but they are moving forward, according to Hodge: “Alpha Delta Pi has a strong sisterhood and I am proud of the way our members have handled the situation.”

[via TCU 360]

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