Sony Finds Their Conscience And Reportedly Drops Dr. Luke


By now I’m sure by now I don’t even need to recap the entire Dr. Luke v. Kesha situation. The internet exploded with rage after Kesha’s case against Dr. Luke took a wrong turn. Anyone with common sense figured that there was still a sliver of good in the world, and that when a woman, especially a very high profile one, claims she’s being sexually assaulted, she isn’t forced to continue working with her alleged assaulter. But, we were all proven wrong, and that little sliver of good turned out to be a lot smaller than we thought.

Dr. Luke, who’s real name is Lukasz Gottwald btw (lol), has been a powerhouse in the pop music industry over the years. He’s behind hits like Katy’s “California Girls,” Britney’s “Circus,” Avril’s “Girlfriend,” Miley’s “Party In The USA,” and a ton of other top 40 hits. If I were a betting woman, I’d bet this is the sole reason Sony has been clutching onto Dr. Puke so hard, refusing to drop him even after more pop ladies came forward with their disdain towards Gottwald.

Even artists who hadn’t worked with Dr. Luke came rushing to Kesha’s side, especially the new face of sexual assault prevention, Lady Gaga.

So praise Jesus, Kesha is free now, right?! Well, sadly not necessarily. Although Sony allegedly dropping Dr. Luke is huge, it turns out there’s yet another loophole. Plot twist, Dr. Luke has his own label (through a separate division at Sony) Kemosabe Records, which could make things a little more complicated. Kesha, and other artists like Juicy J (lol random) cosigned with him and this separate division making this situation all the more complicated.

Kesha supporters are planning another rally at Sony’s New York City headquarters with a petition with 411,000 signatures to try once again to free her from her contract. Meanwhile on Twitter, everyone is celebrating this victory with the hashtag #SonyIsDroppingDrLukeParty.

The time is now.

Update via Cosmopolitan: “According to TMZ, Dr. Luke’s team denies that Sony is planning on dropping him. “Luke has an excellent relationship with Sony,” his lawyer said. “His representatives are in regular contact with executives at the highest levels at Sony, and this has never come up.”

[via The Wrap]

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