Sony Is Turning “Ghostbusters” Into A Sort Of-Sequel To “Bridesmaids,” And We Are Freaking Out

Ghost Busters Remake

Ladies, we won. You know that dream we had of taking every “guy” thing and making it our own, like voting, civil rights, and the Puppy Bowl? We can add another one to the books, and I just have to say, we did damn well.

Remember that movie “Ghostbusters”? You might have heard of it — mid ‘80s, a couple Oscar nominations, Bill Murray being, well, Bill Murray? It’s about to be remade with an all female cast by none other than the director or “Bridesmaids,” Paul Feig. That in itself is proof that it will be perfect. The best part is, it gets better. Our man Feig tweeted this photo on Tuesday to announce the leading ladies:

Wait…what? Let me do some calculations here.

We have a hilarious cult classic movie (“Ghostbusters”) + a director who literally gets us (Paul Feig) + a magical cast of kickass lady comedians = the actual best movie ever.

Granted, things are still being negotiated, but honestly, it looks really good for us. Sure, there was talk of other celebrities auditioning for parts (Emma Stone, Amy Schumer, Jennifer Lawrence) but considering the director tweeted that picture, it seems pretty set. This is great, because this is a superstar cast. Literally half of them (Kristen Wigg and Melissa McCarthy) were in one of the best movies of all time, and the other two (Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones) have both been on “Saturday Night Live,” the mecca for comedians. Basically, this is going to be a sequel to “Bridesmaids” with a few ghosts thrown in. It’s perfect, really, because we will 100 percent be able to convince our boyfriends to take us to see it. Jackpot.


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