Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams Got Matching Tattoos Because They Are BFF Goals


Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams are even closer in real life then they are on their hit TV series Game of Thrones. Last week the two were seen going into a tattoo parlor, and came out sporting a set of matching tattoos. Both ladies debuted their ink on the red carpet. What did they choose? It was simple and adorable: they both got “07.08.09,” also know as the date when they both were booked as the Stark sisters for Game of Thrones.


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The tattoo is very miniscule and done in a skin tone peach color, so it definitely won’t be making any appearances on the TV show. The girls had wanted matching tattoos for awhile and debated getting wolves for their Stark heritage. They decided to get them done quickly, in fear that their characters might be killed off in the next and final season. Sophie said, “let’s get these ones before anyone kills us,” and to be fair, that’s a pretty valid concern. The new season of Game of Thrones will premiere in mid 2017 and the two girls ensure us that “fans will be really satisfied.” We sure hope so. Game of Thrones fans have suffered enough.

[via MTV]

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