Sorority At IU Only Has One Member

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When most of us join a sorority, we are looking for a sisterhood. Sure, the social activities and philanthropy are great, but what we are really looking for is a set of friends, a group of people where we feel we belong. But one sorority woman, Indiana University junior Mercury Luo, isn’t exactly getting that circle of friends in the traditional sense from her sorority.

Because she’s the only member.

Mercury was the sole member of Theta Nu Xi left standing when five seniors graduated in the spring of 2015. The sorority, which is part of the university’s Multicultural Greek Council, “seeks to promote diversity and community service,” according to the Indiana Daily Student. But despite the fact that the chapter has alumna involvement, they are in violation of a rule that states that these organizations must have a minimum of five members and are in danger of being “considered dormant” next semester.

Luo told the Daily Student, “We’re working hard, and my sorority sisters who graduated, as well as the national and regional chapters, are trying to help us. But it may or may not work out. It makes me a little nervous.”

One of the alumnae that is helping the chapter, Samantha Copenhaver, graduated from IU last year. Copenhaver said it’s very difficult for the chapter to plan events. “We just don’t have the manpower. Even the events that we can plan are usually pretty small.”

Despite the fact that she is the only active sister in her chapter, though, Mercury seems to have a better understanding of the meaning of sorority than some people do:

“It was very hard to accept it when my sisters graduated, especially when I looked at so many other sororities and all their members and thought about how much work I would have to do. But it’s helped me grow, it’s made me a stronger woman, and it’s helped me learn how to deal with hardships on my own.

When I first met my sorority sisters, I felt like they were so strong, beautiful and confident, and I wanted to be like them. And I think I am now. I know that with them, I can be myself and make real, positive contributions to the world. Those are the things that matter, and they won’t go away.”

Hopefully Mercury and Theta Nu Xi can recruit new sisters who get that, too.

[via Indiana Daily Student]

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