What Should I Put In My Sorority Big/Little Basket?

What Do I Put In My Big/Little Basket?

The best part of joining a sorority isn’t the sisterhood or access to the test bank — it’s the gifts. Okay, I’m kidding. Kind of. The sisterhood is pretty awesome and the test bank is useful but I’m a materialistic bitch so I love presents. It doesn’t matter if I’m getting presents or giving presents, I love both. That’s why for me, big/little reveal was like an early Christmas. Not only did I find out who my big was after a whole week of suspense, but she also carefully crafted and bought tons of presents and presented them to me in a big basket that was so heavy and overflowing that it almost made me tip over. Big/little baskets are an important part of a new member’s rush process, so if you want to make sure yours makes her gasp in excitement, here’s what you need to do.

Before you even go shopping for supplies, ask what her favorite colors are or if she has a preferred color scheme. If she has a nickname, ask what name she would rather have on her stuff. Find out her style. Does she like multicolored rhinestones or silver? Cheetah print or Lilly print? You probably have an idea of the kind of girl she is and the kind of stuff she would like, but ask just to be sure. You don’t want to buy her a basket of stuff and have it clash with the way she decorated her dorm.

First off, the basket you buy to house all the precious gifts should be huge. Massive. The bigger the better, honestly. I would go with a laundry basket or something similar in size. Next, here’s what you should put in the basket.


So. Many. T-shirts. Any new member is going to want to buy tons and tons of t-shirts with her letters on them, so do your little a favor and stock her up. Ask your big, grand big, great grand big and on and on if they’ll donate a t-shirt or two. By senior year, you have too many t-shirts to count so I’m sure they wouldn’t mind parting with a few. Buy her one or two new ones if it’s in the budget, but if you have a decent amount from your family already, you can put that money towards other items.

sorority big little tshirts kappa delta

Wooden Letters

Here’s where your crafting skills come into play. Buy and craft some giant wooden letters (you can look on our Pinterest page for inspiration) for her to hang up in her room. If you’re totally incapable of crafting, ask a friend to help you out.

sorority big little alpha omicron pi letters

Badge Box

A badge box is a little box that holds your sorority badge or pin new members get during initiation because without it everyone would most definitely lose those tiny little things. You can pick up a little wooden box at your local craft store or you can just buy one.

sorority big little badge box


If you’re worried that you basket is too big and you won’t have enough stuff to fill it with, get a blanket or a towel (or both!) and have it embroidered. If you’re on a tight budget, fleece tie blankets are easy to make and super cozy.

sorority big little blaket towel

Sweatshirt/Spirit Jersey

Remember that money you saved by asking your entire family to donate a few t-shirts to your basket? Use it to buy your little a nice sweatshirt or spirit jersey. It’s more expensive but she’ll appreciate it a lot more.

Bubba Keg

Bubba kegs are big insulated mugs perfect for keeping your “water” cold. If you want to go really crazy, make one for yourself so you can match.

sorority big little bubba keg

Flask/Shot Glass/Wine Glass

Every sorority basket needs something alcohol related, right? Whether you craft it or order it off etsy, make sure there’s something in your basket like this.

sorority big little shot glass flask wine glass

Stuffed Animal Of Your Mascot

If your sorority mascot is something cute like a panda or a turtle, pick out a cute, little stuffed animal to add to your basket. If your mascot isn’t cute and cuddly (sorry, Alpha Phi), maybe sit this one out.

Painted Canvas

Every basket needs at least one painted canvas. Go in on a bunch of paints with your sisters and let your creative side shine. If you’re really extra, paint 3-5 (or more) and you big/little will seriously thank you.

sorority big little painted canvas


It would be weird if you wore your sorority pin everywhere you went, which is why they created lavalieres. This is another pricey item, but trust me, she’s gonna love it and wear it every day.

sorority big little Lavaliere

Bulletin Board

Bulletin boards are perhaps the easiest craft there is. All you need is some cork board, hot glue, and whatever decorations you want to add. Don’t forget to include a set of super cute pins!

Picture Frames

This is another easy and cheap craft, but don’t be lazy and just give her an empty frame. Take the time to actually go and print out pictures of you two together to put in the frame.

sorority big little picture frame

Water Bottle

Every college student needs a water bottle, and every sorority girl needs a water bottle with her letters.

More Wooden Letter(s)/Symbols

Craft all the wooden letters and symbols. Spell out “Little” or “Big” or craft your sorority symbol. Don’t stop painting and hot gluing until your fingers fall off (or the wine runs out).

sorority big little wooden letter

Other Stuff

Candy, candles, Pens, disposable cups with your letters on them, note pad, car decal, cute school supplies, nail polish, pillows, straws, coloring books, lotion, body spray, stickers, hats, drink sleeves, keychains, and whatever else you can think of. When it comes to baskets, the bigger and more stuff, the better. Go to the dollar section at Target and go nuts. Spoil her like mad because you know she deserves it.

sorority big little basket ideas

Happy crafting!

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