Sorority Girl Attends “American Idol” Themed Party, Now Whole Hometown Thinks She’s Famous

American Idol

It’s the dream, really. Go out for a night with your sisters, wake up and suddenly you’re famous and everyone thinks that you’re a star. For most of us, it doesn’t happen. We wake up with a splitting headache, lots of regrets, and are only famous for things that got us sent to standards.

For Erin Walker, however, things went a little differently.

When she attended an “American Idol” social recently, she didn’t think anything of it. She dressed the part, snapped some pics and uploaded them to social media, and went about her night. Usual back-to-school-social stuff. It wasn’t until she woke that she realized things were a bit…off.

After posting a picture of her with a contestant sign, she started getting a ton of notifications. Upon checking them she realized that people from her hometown actually thought she was auditioning.

“All of these adults from my hometown started commenting on the picture saying how proud they were of me and congratulating me. I didn’t have the heart to tell them it wasn’t real,” she told me.

But still, no big deal, right? She dressed up in a costume, people got confused. Whatever. Normal stuff for a woman who attended an excessive amount of themed parties (AKA all of us). And then, like all of us, she was faced with a decision. Tell everyone that is was just a costume, or go with it for shits and gigs.

She went with it.

“I had the idea of saying that I got through to the next round,” she said, “and I jokingly told my friends the idea. And of course I got talked into doing it immediately. So I Googled a picture of the Hollywood piece of paper contestants get and posted it to my social media.”

Yeah. It’s almost too good. Naturally, everyone on Facebook believes it because it’s Facebook and only moms take Facebook seriously anymore. Erin went on to say that, “I’m like famous in my hometown and my Facebook and phone are blowing up. People are now contacting my parents and asking if we’re having a viewing party or a send off party.”

American Idol

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So, basically she went on a social with some hot guys, got a zillion likes on her pictures, and now suddenly people think she’s famous? If that isn’t the dream, I don’t know what is. Unfortunately, she now has to deal with telling everyone that it’s a joke. Much like an April Fools prank, only better because no one saw it coming. So since she said she needed to end it because it was growing way too fast, she’s asked me to pass on some words from her, to all of her fans.

It’s amazing how a fun time with my sisters showed me just how much the people in my life care. You leave for college and you think everyone forgets about you. You think they don’t care what happens. But it was awesome to see just how many people still supported me from afar! Just because I wasn’t blessed with an “Idol” singing voice, I feel so lucky that I’m blessed with amazing people who cherish me, support me, and always make me feel like a star. Thank you. Don’t hate me.

Ah, the price of stardom. There you have it. A real life story of a girl who went to a bar on a Monday, and woke up a star. If I wasn’t so impressed with her, I’d probably hate her. Well done, Erin. You’ve got our vote!

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