Sorority Girl Set Up For Drug, Prostitution, (And More!) Scandals By Craziest Ex On Planet Earth

Sorority Girl Set Up For Drug, Prostitution, (And More!) Scandals By Craziest Ex On Planet Earth

Post breakup, there are certain levels of “crazy” that the general populace (or at least you and your group text) have deemed to be within the realm of normalcy. Stalking him and every girl anywhere in the background of any of his photos on any social platform until both he and said girls are your top searched pupils on Instagram? Norma crazyl. Taking the exact opposite approach and blocking him and his top twelve best friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, text and email? Normal crazy. Walking out of your way to class so that you can pass by his house and see if his car (and more importantly the car of anyone you don’t know) are there? Normal crazy.

But according to Democrat and Chronicle, the actions of Thomas Traficante, 23, after being dumped by his Rochester area sorority girlfriend (whose name has been redacted)? Fucking batshit bananas. His transgressions that read as a bucket list on how to ruin someone’s life are as follows:

  • He anonymously tipped off the university that she was going to be receiving drugs in the mail, then proceeded to send her meth, pot, and 1.4 grams of cocaine.
  • He hacked her email, and changed the login information for her chemistry class, then took and submitted all of her quizzes, resulting in grades of zero.
  • He submitted her contact information to a prostitution website which led to her receiving nearly 60 requests for sex from random numbers.
  • He contacted her friends and informed them of his goal to “create the most amount of turmoil within greek life” leaving no question that the result of his actions “could be death.”
  • He shot at a window of her family’s home.
  • He texted members of her sorority “I’m in the house.

I know what you’re thinking: there are prostitution websites? I thought that was illegal? And I’ve gotta tell you, you’re focusing on the wrong thing. There is an old balls psycho out there, stalking and threatening a sorority girl for breaking up with him. And not the normal “it’s all technically public information” stalking. He’s literally showing up at her house and harassing her family and friends, and you’re worried about prostitution websites? Get your head checked.

Traficante was arrested late December and is scheduled to appear in court, Wednesday, January 3. The case is being handled by the Rochester FBI office.

[via Democrat and Chronicle]

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