Sorority Members At University Of North Alabama Fight To Save “Srat Cat”

We’ve all heard of the frat hound, a cute puppy that lives in a frat house obstinately to provide companionship for the brothers, but more likely used to lure girls with his/her adorableness. But for the first time, we are learning about a “Srat Cat”, and its status as beloved feline friend to students at the University of North Alabama is in danger.

For about a year now, the cat has been making friends with the residents of the Appleby Dorms on the UNA campus. In that time, the dorm’s residents, which include members from the campus’s four sororities – Alpha Gamma Delta, Zeta Tau Alpha, Phi Mu, and Alpha Delta Pi – have dubbed the animal “Srat Cat” and have adopted him as kind of a mascot.

“All the sororities come to him,” Anna Thompson, told WAAY. “Friends will come out here and love on him and pet him. Everyone loves him.”

“I love that cat. I love it,” added UNA student Danielle Deese. “Usually when I walk up he’s asleep. He’s a very cuddly cat, he’s very sweet.”

While it’s not clear if the cat has an actual owner in the homes nearby, he is usually found laying around the bushes by the dorms and hanging with his sorority sister friends. But like all cool things, the university has stepped in to end the reign of “Srat Cat” as the ceremonial Panhellenic pet.

“He could have fleas, someone could be allergic,” said UNA Spokesperson, Bryan Rachal, according to WAAY. “What we’re trying to do is find a way to safely move the cat off campus hopefully into a home.”

In response, the students have started a social media campaign using the hashtag #SaveDormKitty to help stop the university from rehoming the feline.

Seriously, you’d think the university would have better things to do than remove the beloved furry community member, wouldn’t you?

[Via WAAY]

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