Spotted: Jennifer Aniston Without Makeup

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Are we ready for our beloved Rachel Green to step into a serious role?

Well, she sure is, and she’s sporting a whole new look for the film…and it’s definitely a far cry from “The Rachel.” The actress was snapped on the set of her new film “Cake” sporting a very, VERY different look than what we think of when we picture the “Friends” alum: a bob of lifeless, mousy-brown hair and no makeup. I repeat, no makeup. Like I said, not her usual look.

Aniston, 45, said the look helped her get into character for the movie, which is already getting a ton of awards buzz. She said the experience was “so fabulous–so dreamy and empowering and liberating.”

Check out her new look here.

In the film, Aniston plays Claire Simmons, a woman who suffers from a car crash that leaves her with scars all over her body, which she said was an incredible part. She also said, “The only time I had to sit in the makeup chair was just for the scars.”

She said of the film: “It’s our little love project. When I read the script, I was ready to disappear.” And disappear she did; the film received a standing ovation at the Toronto Film Festival in September, with critics gushing over Aniston’s performance, regardless of her (lack of) makeup or hairstyle.

You go, Jenn!

[via US Weekly]

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