Spring Semester Is Mega-Underrated

Spring break

Who doesn’t understand the appeal of Fall Semester? You roll up to campus looking fresh to death with a real tan, new outfits, and a fully stocked liquor cabinet. Before you know it, you’re catching up with your best friends (read: getting wine-drunk while comparing your various summer flings), hanging out in the backyards of your favorite frats, and over-enthusiastically waving at the new babies whenever you see them on campus. The weather can’t be beat, and the parties are insane. As F. Scott Fitzgerald once said, “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”

If you’ve ever read any Fitzgerald, you know that he would be one of the hardest partying brothers of any frat were he alive today. And while he’s right that Fall Semester feels brimming with possibility, Spring Semester is the sneaky better half of the year. Sure, depending on where you’re located across the country, the weather starts out in January leaving much to be desired. There’s no beating around the bush, it sucks to trek through the frigid, icy air to class when your down comforter and heated blanket sound so much more inviting. As everyone knows, though, it’s difficult to appreciate the highs if you’ve never seen the lows.

The snow that starts out the semester for many schools just serves to make the inevitable warm spring afternoons that much sweeter. When April comes around and you’re finally able to pack away your parka and throw on a sundress before heading to a darty, you’re lying if you say you’re able to keep a smile off your face. Before you know it, you’re ordering your coffee iced again and frantically scrolling through your contacts looking for someone who has a house with a roof big enough for you, your friends, and a couple six-packs to perch for a sunny afternoon.

If there were ever an author more frat than Fitzgerald, it would be Ernest Hemingway. Taking a break from getting turnt off of daiquiris, Hemingway once wrote that, “When spring came, even the false spring, there were no problems except where to be happiest.” If you’ve ever woken up to a perfect mid-sixties-and-sunny forecast on a weekday in early May, you know exactly what he’s talking about. Forget worrying about the B-Law exam looming next week, you’re more concerned about whether Lambdas is doing anything that afternoon.

Spring Semester also means Spring Break, which is basically a full week off from school to party somewhere pretty and warm with all your best friends and a ton of cute guys who you’ve never done anything embarrassing in front of. Spring Break trips create memories that you will look back on fondly for years to come (or non-memories, tomayto-tomahto). No matter what you end up doing for Break, it is infinitely more stress-free than either Thanksgiving or Christmas. This is because Holiday breaks are for students to spend time with family and Spring breaks are for students to black out- I mean- spend time with friends. You only get four of these magical weeks in your college career, which makes them more sacred than Syllabus Week.

Get ready to spend the next two to three months Googling recipes for jell-o shots, ordering sundresses and sandals online, and making friends with the people who work at your local tanning salon so that you’re prepared for when the sun finally starts to shine.

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