Sratstars: Makeup and Magazines

Being in a sorority has obvious advantages. Upon joining you get 200 new sisters, a beautiful house, an academic advantage (hello testfiles!), a big leg up socially, and arguably the best college experience a girl could ask for. But with finals, formals, fratdaddies, and whatever else comes your way, it’s easy to lose sight of what it really means to be a sorority woman. Our bonds of sisterhood were founded on values of excellence, intelligence, generosity, ambition, integrity, and leadership; and while we grow into the women we are meant to be, we should look to women that are prime examples of those values. There are so many sorority alumnae who are incredibly successful in every field of work, and it’s hard not to draw inspiration from their accomplishments in our pursuit to uphold the values our sororities teach.

Ladies, take note. Allow me to introduce you to the amazing Ann Moore. Other than being super smart, Ann Moore is best known for being the first woman CEO of Time, Inc. She started off just like any of us back 1968 as a Pi Beta Phi at Vanderbilt University. Being in a top sorority at such a greek school, one can only assume she spent her college days partying, crafting for her perfect little, and, of course, hitting the books. After Vandy, she went on to get an MBA from Harvard Business School. Moore had 13 job offers after graduating, which isn’t surprising. She was one of the smartest women in her class, and she was super hot. Who wouldn’t want that walking around the office? Instead of choosing one of the offers for more lucrative positions on Wall Street, she chose to work for Time, Inc. Why? Because she loved magazines. Awesome, right? After she was appointed the president of People Magazine back in 1993, she expanded the mag domestically and internationally. She even created an entire magazine family including People en Español, Real Simple, and In Style. It’s safe to say that Ann Moore is responsible for the quality of 80% of reading material that entertains us during our manicures and pedicures.

After People, Moore was appointed chairman and CEO of Time, Inc., making her the first woman to hold that position in the history of the company. As CEO, Moore managed a majority of the profits Time made, much of that profit coming from magazines she personally launched. And you thought your shoe collection was impressive. After leaving Time, Inc. in 2010 Moore became the Director of Avon Products. That’s right, Avon, one of the leading makeup companies in the world. Avon not only makes products to make women hotter, but it also provides opportunities for women to earn money and provide for their family with Avon sales representative positions. Ann Moore empowers women to be economically independent and is determined to inspire the next generation of women to follow in her fabulous footsteps.

Beyond ‘Badass Businesswoman’, Ann Moore manages to fill other roles as well. She definitely isn’t the “married to her job” harpie that usually comes to mind when thinking of very powerful career women. Moore has been married for 37 years and a MILF for 27 years, managing to find a balance between her work, her spouse, and her family. She is living proof that we can reach our greatest potential in our careers and family life (all while looking effortlessly beautiful, of course), without having to sacrifice one for the other. Ann Moore, driven, intelligent, and empowering, is unquestionably a perfect representation of the values of every sorority and a woman our founders would be proud of.

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