Starbucks Is Changing Its Menu And Our Lives Will Never Be The Same


It’s no secret that I’m a Starbucks nut. I consume ungodly amounts of lattes, coffees, and Americanos each week. But I have an even more shameful secret. I’m lactose intolerant. And yet each day, I guzzle down a latte like it’s my job. So what if I feel like throwing up two hours later? At least I’ll be awake. Priorities, man.

However, starting on September 6, my life is going to become a lot less painful, albeit even more expensive. Starbucks just announced that for an extra 60 cents, you can substitute almond milk into your drink. The company will be unveiling the milk at 4,600 stores along the east and west coasts, with plans to expand to the Midwest by the end of September. And yet again, I’m left wondering why I chose to go to school in Missouri.

So why this drastic dairy change? Because the basics have called, and Starbucks has answered. You can actually make even more suggestions on My Starbucks Idea, a site that the coffee giant uses to pawn ideas off of desperate sorority girls. Almond milk has gained popularity over the years, and an increased demand has forced Starbucks to add it to the menu. However, the issue with nut milks is their inability to foam, an integral part of any latte. Enter: science. The almond milk that Starbucks is rolling out is actually formulated with almond butter, allowing it to be creamier and less watery than traditional almond milk.

I, for one, am ecstatic. Soy milk has an odd grainy texture, coconut milk reminds me too much of Malibu, and normal dairy makes me sick. Until now, I was forced to choose between three bad options in my quest for sugary caffeine. But once again, Starbs has pulled through and impressed me. So, when exactly do PSLs come back?

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