Starbucks Just Dropped Yet Another New Limited Edition Spring Seasonal Drink

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Once again, Starbucks has lured white girls into its trap by releasing yet another limited-edition latte just in time for spring. After Christmas, we had all assumed that we were free of the seasonal drink rush until we started going to the pumpkin patches again, but with the releases of the smoked butterscotch latte, the molten chocolate latte, and the Japanese cherry blossom frap, it’s clear that we were sadly mistaken. Today, Starbucks dropped one more surprise limited-edition beverage that we all absolutely have to try – the caramelized honey latte.

Also available in frappuccino form, this new latte uses a caramel-honey sauce that Starbucks describes as “perfect for spring.” As a standard white girl and lover of all beverages that are impossibly expensive, I of course pulled into my nearby drive-thru to taste test this new latte for you guys. While this is marketed as the new must-have flavor of the week, I have to tell you guys — this is almost exactly the same as my standard iced caramel latte, and I honestly had to try reaaaaally hard to detect any hint of honey. On top of this, the special caramel-honey syrup Starbucks uses doesn’t come in a sugar-free version, which may subvert any spring break bikini body plans you currently have. That’s a real bummer.

At the end of the day, while I’ll still stick to my skinny caramel latte, Starbucks still managed to seduce me with the promise of a limited-time offer. Besides, this new latte will match your rose gold accessories and Instagram well – I promise.


While it may be overrated and you’ll complain about it later, we all know you’re going to have to try it for yourself, so go ahead and pre-pay with your app, and I’ll be here to review the next limited-edition latte that’s sure to come next week.


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