Starbucks’ New Fall Drink May Overthrow The PSL Once And For All

Starbucks new fall drink chile mocha

Even though it’s still close to a hundred degrees outside, August is over, which means basic bitches everywhere have remembered their obsession with pumpkin spice. Starbucks lines will be out the door as females in quilted vests and Uggs wait for vegetable-laden orange-colored coffee so they can Instagram their white cuts with their inevitably misspelled names. However, things may be about to change with the release of Starbucks’ new drink that may finally put the PSL to death once and for all.

The best thing about the PSL is the unexpected level of spice, so Starbucks has taken that concept and applied it to a drink that doesn’t resemble V-8. Beginning September 6th, Starbucks will begin offering the chile mocha, and I’ve never been more excited to place my morning coffee order in my life. Reminiscent of Mexican hot chocolate, this new drink takes the mocha we know and love and adds in cayenne pepper and ancho chile spices, ensuring your taste buds will be as warm as your blanket scarf covered body.

If you live in the South and next week is way too early to consider ordering a hot beverage, don’t worry, the chile mocha will also be available in frappuccino form, and I can’t think of anything more basic that I’d rather indulge in. As a bonus, this beverage appears one week before Starbucks for Life ends, so you can at least convince yourself that your limitless purchases are actually an investment towards a lifetime supply of lattes. Get ready, because starting next week, your default Starbs order will never be the same again.

[via Refinery 29]

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