Start Saving Your Galleons — There’s A “Harry Potter” Hotel In London

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Betches, start warming up those broomsticks and remembering how to Apparate, because you’re going to want to head to London to stay at the brand new “Harry Potter”-inspired rooms at the Georgian House Hotel.

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Did you just pass out from excitement? Pee yourself a little? Because I sure did.

The rooms feature Hogwarts’ signature four-poster beds, tapestries, house-inspired colors, trunks, potion bottles, cauldrons, and all the accouterment you might expect from a cheesy, tourist cash-grab–I mean, magical wizarding experience! Magic! Harry! Hooray!

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How much will this magical experience cost you? £209 a night. That’s almost $350 American! But hey, that’s only 20 Galleons, 12 Sickles and 24 Knuts, so really, you’re making out like an Azkaban escapee!

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That price goes up, however, if you want to add a “Muggle Walking Tour” of London to your package, which shows you filming locations from the movies and places that inspired J.K. Rowling to write particular parts of the books. That makes it £249 (approximately $400 USD) for two adults, and an extra £60 ($96 USD) for a kid. Super fans can ALSO add in the famous Warner Brothers “Harry Potter” studio tour, in addition to the “Muggle Walking Tour,” which brings the experience to a grand total of £363 ($585 USD) per night, and £112 ($180 USD) per kid.

Better start saving your Galleons now, Potter-heads, because this is one essential and HELLA expensive package. Me, I’ll just binge on the movies, or lock myself in my apartment and read all the books while dropping peyote. Then I’ll REALLY think I’m at Hogwarts.

[via Telegraph UK]

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