Starting Today, You Can Finally Text In Lilly Pulitzer Emojis


I think it’s safe to say that for most of us, emojis are a crucial aspect of our text-based communications It’s not because we’re immature or want to communicate with pictures, but because the laughing crying face relieves us from the obligatory and boring haha’s and lol’s, the plethora of love emojis are perfect for trolling your boyfriend, and expressing love and care in your communications that are separate from the written word. However, there’s nothing more of a bummer than when you’re searching for the perfect emoji and the right one just isn’t there. When I’m making a date, I want to use my planner. For the After Party Sale (, I want to use a shift dress. And when I text my sisters, I want to bomb them with Lilly prints, but I can’t, because they’re not in my emoji library. That changes today.

Lilly Pulitzer’s brand has just released what we’ve all been waiting for – lillymojis. Styled in typical, adorable, watercolor prints, Lilly’s emojis are full of bright colors, beach life, and, of course, planners. You can now truly communicate with everyone you ever need to in the best way humanly possible. The absolute best part of lillymojis? They’re completely free. If you have the iOS Lilly app – which, let’s be honest, who doesn’t? – you’ll have access to this awesome new emoji collection.

So the next time you need to text a pineapple, a mojito, or a lobster, don’t worry, because Lilly Pulitzer and Apple have your back. Get ready for your texts from me to be full of corals and yellows, shift dresses, and sunglasses, because the way I communicate with everyone has completely changed for the better. The only bummer is that these were released in October, but I guess I’ll just have to text them until next April to hype myself up for Spring Break.

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Image via Town and Country

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