Stop Dating Losers


As a huge fan of “Breaking Bad,” I fell in love with the vulnerably charming character Jesse Pinkman. Although he made his fair share of mistakes, he ended up being the only character remaining with some form of a moral compass. In the end, he proved that anyone can really rise from the ashes. But Jesse Pinkman is a fictional character and in real life, he would be a meth-slinging murderer with a shitload of baggage. Yes, the bad boy who took a couple of missteps here and there may seem like the perfect fixer upper, but just stop justifying the simple fact: if you’re dating a guy like Jesse Pinkman, you’re dating a loser.

Everyone has flaws; I am perfectly aware of that. But your boyfriend or current love interest shouldn’t be your latest project. You shouldn’t hold the responsibility of trying to change someone. Everyone likes a good underdog story, but not many start with someone who constantly smokes weed and is a general dick to everyone he knows. Yes, it’s great to act as a support system in someone’s life, but there is a huge difference between a support system and a literal foundation. You have your own problems to deal with. Don’t carry the weight of someone else’s.

Let me guess, either your friends have told you “you’re too good for him” or you’re too embarrassed to even bring him up to your friends. And if you’re too embarrassed to even tell your mom about him, that should be the only sign you need to dump his ass. I get it. Your friends and your mom don’t know your relationship or how he treats you. But outside eyes are surprisingly objective, and sometimes, they can see things you unintentionally ignore. I swear if I had a dollar for every time my friends were right and I didn’t listen, I would actually be able to pay for my bar tab this week, guilt-free. Also, I wouldn’t have gotten kicked out of the club that one time, oops.

I call myself a bit of an optimist, trying to see the good in people and situations. But the glass is not half full when someone is emotionally and physically draining you. Sure, they have characteristics that made you fall for them in the first place but sometimes you have to truly look at the fucking glass and notice the missing water. He may not be going anywhere with his life but down. Or if he thinks he can manipulate you from the beginning, it’s time to pour out the glass and just start from scratch.

You are worth more than the relationship you are in. Don’t let someone toxic bring you down to their level. Because I promise you, no dick is THAT bomb.

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