STOP EVERYTHING: Four New Spice Girls Songs Were Just Leaked

STOP EVERYTHING: Four New Spice Girls Songs Were Just Leaked! Listen Here!

Your next pregame is going to be the BEST EVER because four — yes, FOUR — previously unreleased Spice Girls songs were just leaked. They sound like pure late ’90s goodness. It almost makes me want to whip out a plastic choker, butterfly clips, and some body glitter.

Note, though: Ginger Spice (a.k.a. Geri Halliwell) is absent from the tracks since they’re from the Forever album era which came after she decided to leave the best girl group ever known to man in order to pursue a solo career which, yeah. Not going to lie, that betrayal still hurts. Also note that these are demos that didn’t make the cut for Forever, so they may not be artistic masterpieces like “Stop” or “Spice Up Your Life,” but I’ll let you be the judge.

Still, I’m hoping that the release of these songs will inspire more ’90s themed parties, at the very least. Thank God Urban Outfitters is stocked with baby-doll dresses and platform shoes already.

Side note: who was your favorite Spice Girl? For a while there I was partial to Baby but now that I’m older and wiser I really think I could pull off a Union Jack dress a la Ginger. Plus, if memory serves, there was a rumor floating around there for a while that Ginger was “romantically linked” to Prince William, which is just amazing. It seemed slutty at the time, but now I think she’s on my level.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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