Stop What You Are Doing: Every Season Of “Friends” Is Coming To Netflix

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I’m too excited to speak. Or type. AH. I have no words. dsfhsfjksfkjsfksk blah blah blah (insert funny joke) “FRIENDS” IS COMING TO NETFLIX. Are you with me? Have you fainted yet? Hang tight. Contain yourself. I have more details about this completely life changing event.

As we all know, “Friends” recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, meaning that Rachel Green busted into Central Perk in her wedding dress two DECADES ago. And in honor of that, Netflix will be releasing ALL of the seasons on January 1st. So basically, we will all be spending the first month of the new year on our couches, getting fat, and hanging with our besties (I mean the characters on the TV, not actual humans).

Basically, this is the best news ever. Also, check out the official announcement below. Gunther makes a guest appearance.

— Netflix US (@netflix) October 15, 2014

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