Stop What You’re Doing: A New Disney “Princess” Will Be Released In 2016

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In the last decade, there is no doubt that Disney has made moves to be at the forefront of inspiring young women around the world. It has really shaken up the “helpless white woman waiting on a man to rescue her,” with characters like Tiana in “The Princess And The Frog,” and Merida in “Brave.” Disney has made moves in representing minority groups in women, as well as changing up the storylines to make our female leads girls who we can really be proud of. Following this ideology, Disney has created a new female heroine, who will come onto the scene sometime in late 2016.

Disney’s next leading lady will be Moana, a teenage Polynesian girl who sets sail on an adventure to find a fabled island. The story will be funny but endearing, and it will focus on Moana’s trials and, I’m assuming, her success and emergence as a strong female character. There will be plenty of action, so you shouldn’t have any problem dragging your boyfriend along to see this with you. The graphics from this screenshot look absolutely amazing as well, so I can’t wait to go see it. A big shout-out goes to Disney for, once again, reaffirming that women are strong, self-sufficient individuals who all little girls can look up to.

[via Inside Movies]

Image via Disney

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