Stopping Kony. TSM.

“What are you in?” “Oh you’re in ***?” As Greeks we are constantly questioned about our sorority/fraternity, and judgmental looks aside we usually BS our way into making our beloved letters sound more than Mother Teresa worthy. But the occasional school vacation comes along and whilst on break one begins to remember there is life outside of the parties, the tier system, and the 24 letters that run through our minds on a daily basis.

Being “Greek” we all take time to set aside our intra-fraternal issues/rivalries and band together for various activities (like student government and the handing out of test banks). But the one main group event we all take pride in is the ever-important exclamation of being American. So often we find ourselves atop a bar, balanced on a couch, and even soberly driving to class singing loudly about how great our country is. And who can blame us? America, F*ck Yeah!

However, we are so quick to throw out complaints about our #firstworldproblems that we forget there is life outside of the red, white, and blue-tiful as well. We sit around using our Mac books, texting on our iPhones, and enjoying our freedom, rarely phased by the things happening in other countries around us. Most recently the KONY2012 project has come to our attention thanks to Jason Russel and the Invisible Children Campaign. They ask for you to take 27 minutes out of your typical Facebook stalking time to watch their video and help the cause.

“Who are you to end a war?” In Jason Russel’s video we watch comfortably from our homes as small children in Uganda tell of the fear they live in each and every day. They are abducted in their sleep, forced to become sex slaves, made into child soldiers and then taught to kill.

The Invisible Children campaign has been brought to the surface because the people of Uganda cannot fight this war alone and the American leaders need reminding that even though we are self centered most of the time, we as a people care about all of humanity. So they ask for donations, and support through word of mouth, and letters to your Senators, so that the children of Uganda may sleep peacefully knowing that Joeseph Kony will not abduct them.

All throughout the year you are asked to participate in philanthropies for other chapters, donate to Dance Marathon, and are even drawn into the politics of SG. So here you have it my fellow Greeks, the ultimate philanthropy. No it doesn’t involve an early morning pregame, ridiculous outfits, and crazy tournaments, but it does involve YOU.

Joeseph Kony is one of the world’s worst war criminals, help support the international effort to arrest him, disarm the LRA, and bring the child soldiers home. Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time is now.

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