Students Required To Answer Invasive Sex Questions Before They’re Allowed To Register For Classes

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Florida Atlantic University is taking an interesting approach in attempts to comply with a federal law passed last year, which requires colleges to provide campus-wide sexual assault prevention education. FAU is requiring its students to take a survey prior to enrolling in classes. Some students aren’t happy about the invasiveness of some of the questions asked on the survey. For example: “How many times have you had sex (including oral) in the last 3 months?” or “With how many different people have you had sex (including oral) in the last 3 months?”

Hmm…it seems to me that FAU is more interested in the sexual activity statistics of its students than it is about actually educating them on sexual assault, as the words “activity” and “assault” had two very different meanings the last time I checked. However, FAU isn’t the only school using this “show me your little black book” approach. Clemson has used these exact same questions a few months ago. I understand the need for statistics such as, “Have you ever been sexually assaulted?” I do not understand the school needing to know how many girls and guys crawled under study desks this semester.

The other problem here is anonymity. If this was a paper survey without a name line, I doubt students would be as disturbed as they are about an online survey that they must log in to with their student identification information to access. I can get new credit card information if those numbers are compromised, but despite previous attempts, I can’t get a new sexual history. If this had been a required survey at my alma mater, the administrators would not have been happy with the outcome, not because I would have thrown a fit, but because my friends and I would have made sure we all provided embellished answers that would have made the school look like the sluttiest campus in America.

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