Study Finds College Guys Are More Likely To Rape On Game Days


While there has certainly been a lot of good done on college campuses this past year addressing the issue of sexual assault, there are still a shocking number of sexual assault cases happening on college campuses. Recently, a shocking statistic concerning when sexual assaults occur was just uncovered by Think Progress.

The study found that on any game day at Division 1 colleges, the number of rapes reported by victims between the ages of 17 and 24 spiked 28 percent in the local policing area. The reports grew to 41 percent on home games.

One of the report’s authors, Montana State University‚Äôs Isaac Swensen, points out that Division 1 football games “offer a clear instance [when] partying is intensified.”

The excitement of a football game (which can turn into a celebration if your team wins), combined with the alcohol and large group atmosphere can make for a dangerous combination, according to this report.

As for whom is committing these game day assaults, the report states there is a “considerable surge” in the percent of rapes committed by strangers.

From Think Progress:

For home games, reports of rape by an unknown offenders increased 61 percent, while reports of attacks by known offenders grew 28 percent.

To put this plainly, this report is saying that football games are responsible for 253 and 770 additional rapes every year in the areas of 128 Division 1 schools.

Although surprising, this report serves a purpose. The authors of this report hope that by exposing this trend in the data, they can help find a way to significantly reduce the amount of game day sexual assaults on college campuses, and therefore the amount of rapes everywhere.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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