Study Finds That Good Grammar Will Get You Laid, Basically

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One of the worst parts about being a girl is that the smallest, most unimportant thing can sometimes be a very real turnoff. Everybody has a few ticks that rub them the wrong way and have the power to end a relationship before it even begins. For example, I am incapable of dating men who regularly wear sport sunglasses. I don’t care if they’re high-end and practical; something about them makes me want to rip my own uterus from my body and close up shop for good.

Apparently some turn-offs are less weirdly specific and more universal. A new study from Zoosk has determined that roughly 72 percent of online daters won’t go for people who have bad spelling or grammar. The majority of the 9,000 participants found that people who made careless mistakes seemed too busy and/or lazy, which ultimately killed the conversation.


It’s shit like this that makes me feel better about our generation. Let me just take a minute to congratulate everyone, while simultaneously ignoring all of the stupid shit we do these days like vaping in public or voting for Donald Trump. It speaks volumes that young people still appreciate education, and will pay attention to those who put effort into conversations (even if those conversations are on Tinder and most likely revolve around sex). Intelligence is like a black on black outfit: it will never go out of style. Thank god for that.

The study also found that 93 percent of daters immediately liked people who used punctuation more than those who didn’t. So there you have it. Now you know the key to being a virtual dime piece: don’t talk like a fucking moron, and you’re golden.

[via NextAdvisor]

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