Study Finds That You’re More Likely To Get Knocked Up If Your Tonsils Were Removed

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Fertility is kind of a bitch, if you ask me. It’s really inconsiderate for my body to try to fulfill its biological purpose without even consulting me first. If my brain, heart, and boyfriend are all telling me to lay off the baby making for now, the rest of my body should comply. I’m not asking to be sterile for all of eternity; but a five-year ovary hiatus would be bomb.

But maybe I don’t have to worry as much as I think. Researchers at the University of Dundee just finished a 15-year study that evaluated over 530,000 women, and came up with some pretty horrible news for ladies with a particular medical history. The numbers revealed a strong correlation between pregnancy rates and tonsil/appendix removal at a young age. They couldn’t pinpoint a reason why the two are related, and anyone who’s taken a basic psychology course will tell you that correlation does not equal causation. But the numbers are still there, and whether the connection is biological or behavioral, some of you bitches might want to consider adding another birth control method to the mix.

I find this news terrifying, regardless of the fact that I haven’t even had my tonsils or appendix removed, because previous studies have suggested the exact opposite. Why is it that everything we do effects how likely we are to get knocked up, and how am I supposed to know what factors will keep me baby-free since ’93? I wish scientists would pull their heads out of our ovaries long enough to agree on one theory and stick to it. The only child I’m tryna host is a post-burrito food baby.

[via Elite Daily]

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