Sweater Nails Are Fall AF

If pumpkin spice lattes, puffer vests, and a closet full of booties that would make Carrie Bradshaw jealous aren’t enough for you, never fear. There’s now a brand new way to take your fall game to the next level. I bring you the sweater nail.

One quick search for #sweaternails on Instagram is all it takes to show you that now even your nails can be a white girl this fall. A raised, cable-knit design gives your nails the look of your favorite holiday sweater, so even when it’s 75 degrees in the South, you can still make sure that everyone knows exactly how much you love fall.

так значительно теплее #sweaternails #knitnail

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Whether you prefer your nails rounded, square, or pointed, there’s a sweater nail for you. Pick any number of accent nails in any of your favorite comfort colors. Heck, you can even add glitter if you want.

Before this Thanksgiving, make sure your nails are dressed to the 9s in their fanciest autumn attire, because come November 27th, it’s Christmas season (which now, I believe, means tacky Christmas-sweater nails).

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