Taco Bell Is Actually Good For You

Taco Bell

It’s 2 a.m. Saturday morning, and you just had the night of your life. You danced on a table and didn’t even fall off this time, made out with total future-husband material, and managed not to completely wreck your best friend’s heels. You and your giggling, stumbling squad deserve a snack, but the pizza shop just closed. Whatever shall you do? Well, con your soberest of sisters into taking you on a Taco Bell run, of course.

“Heyyyyyyy! What are you up tooooooo? Can you take us to Taco Bell?”

In the morning, you’ll wake up amongst taco wrappers and hot sauce packets as the realization of the calories you consumed (and the millionth ride you now owe Becca for hauling your plastered ass all over town) hits you. But the good news is that you don’t have to feel bad about drunkenly downing Taco Bell anymore. In fact, you can feel pretty good about yourself for picking one of the best chains around to find healthy options.

For four years now, Missy Nelson has been working for Taco Bell as a dietitian and product developer. Yahoo! Finance reported that, under her command, the company has pledged to use cage-free eggs and remove artificial ingredients, created low-calorie, high-protein, and vegetarian options, and reduced overall sodium content. The fast food favorite still obviously offers delectable menu items we crave but shouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole. However, the key is that we now have the choice to customize our orders to be much healthier — much like when we order “skinny, sugar-free, no-whip” lattes at Starbucks the week before spring break.

If you’re using their mobile or online ordering platforms, you can simply tailor your order by adding or removing items or choosing the “Fresco” (low-cal) or “Cantina” (high-protein) options. I suggest that you write down your order now and keep it stashed in your clutch for easy access tonight. You don’t want a starved, intoxicated version of yourself making decisions your hungover self will regret.

Quick shout out to all you sober sisters tonight. You dah real heroes.

[via Yahoo! Finance]

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