Taco Bell Is Turning One Store Into An AirBnb

taco bell

What seems like the ultimate stoner’s paradise? Sleeping in a Taco Bell is the only real correct answer. And luckily, all of your stoner dreams can come true…in Canada. A Taco Bell in Ontario is turning the restaurant into an Airbnb. Yes, you read that correctly: you can actually win a contest and sleep at your local Taco Bell. What a time to be alive!

The AirBnb will consist of two bunk beds, couches, and a big screen TV as well as a “Taco Bell Butler,” whatever exactly that means. Hopefully, it’s a guy who waits on you hand and foot delivering your cheesy gordita crunches whenever your little heart desires, because that is what dreams are made of, TBH.

The contest is to promote Taco Bell’s newest menu item the “Steak Doubledillas,” — a quesadilla with double the amount of steak. If you win the one night only contest, you and three friends get to invade a Taco Bell for one night only. Sadly, you have to be a legal resident of Canada to even enter. But that’s okay, you and three of your closest friends can sneak into a Taco Bell at night and create your own AirBnb because this is America, God damn it!

[via CBS Boston]

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