Taylor Swift Thinks She’s Going To Die Alone Surrounded By Her Cats

Taylor Swift Thinks She's Going To Die Alone Surrounded By Her Cats

Stars: they’re just like us! Well, not really. But Taylor Swift thinks she’s going to be alone forever, and I know we can all relate to that.

In a recent interview with The Telegraph, Swift was asked how she envisioned herself at thirty and she basically said that she’s pretty much a virgin again because nobody with a penis wants anything to do with her.

I’ll probably still be single, let’s be honest. No one’s going to sign up for this and everything that goes with it. Like, “Hi, nice to meet you, want a date? Do you love camera flashes? I hope you do!'”

She went on to say that she knows how the public sees her and that her crazy cat lady reputation is not doing her any favors when it comes to romance. And in a display of shocking self-deprecation, she joked that “In five years’ time she’ll (as in herself) be so afraid of everything, she doesn’t leave her house…She’s just surrounded by cats. So many cats, they’ve divided themselves up into armies and she wanders around lint-rolling the couch that no one’s going to sit on because she’s afraid to have people over…”

I mean, not to be that person, but her prediction doesn’t sound too far off. What guy in his right mind would want to date someone who, following the inevitable breakup, would blast his dirty little secrets to millions of people worldwide? That coupled with the whole cat thing basically means that she just needs to start wearing the habit now. Girlfriend ain’t ever gonna get married.

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