Taylor Swift’s New Apple Ad Will Totally Change The Way You Look At Her

When Taylor Swift first started doing the Apple ads, people didn’t really know what she was playing at. I didn’t really know what she was playing at. As someone who’s not ~obsessed~ with her, I sort of thought they were a little cringeworthy. But before you pick up your pitchforks let me just say this — she put me in my place.

In the newest Apple ad, which she recently posted to her Instagram, Taylor dances around her living room (or a set living room, who’s to say?) to “I Believe In A Thing Called Love.” Behold.

Dance like no one's watching @applemusic @theactualdarkness

A video posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Now, I could be picky. I could point out that my “quiet nights at home” don’t involve pants with zippers, any sort of shoe with a heel, makeup, or cardio of any sort — including dancing. And I would never, ever just toss my unprotected iPhone aside, knowing that I could replace the screen when it inevitably smashes into a zillion piece after falling two feet. But I’m not going to be picky. Because the truth is — this was actually, dare I say, cute?

First of all, she looks great. The hair is much better than the hair we’ve been greeted with recently on Instagram. Her body is killer. Her outfit is on point. The song is bomb and she obviously has insane core strength to just pull herself out of the chair like that. But most of all, her dancing. Let’s talk about her dancing. Usually, it’s not great. I don’t care if you love her, we all know she was never on the dance team. But in this ad, her moves work. In fact, her moves are good. Sure, there were a few moments when they got dodgy, but for the most part, they were fun, impressive, and slightly sexual. Which is the most any of us can hope for when we dance like everyone’s watching.

The only real negative? That tagline. Be more basic next time, Apple. I dare you.

[via Instagram]

Image via Instagram

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