TCU Sorority Girls Wipe Out On Bid Day

Bid day is one of the most exciting days of your year — nee, of your life. No one knows that better than TCU’s newest pledge classes who are already falling in love with their new chapters and sisters. As the girls run home for the first time, it seems that a great many of them got their first collegiate taste of what it’s like to live in struggle city.

I counted five complete wipeouts, two close calls, and one lost shoe. All but one baby from the HOTTEST PLEDGE CLASS EVER had some brand new pledge sisters help her recover from her embarrassing fall. That’s sisterhood. Luckily, sororities do NOT haze, otherwise, humiliating your sisters on day ONE, and insulting their ability to recruit people who are capable of keeping themselves afoot would have been a preeettyyy horrible way to start out pledge season.

The thing that’s perplexing to me — why did this happen. Is there a horrid case of vertigo being passed around sororities by way of recruitment? Is it serendipitous foreshadowing, predicting which girls are most likely to spend the next four years on their backs? Did the sororities grease the sidewalks in hopes of embarrassing their rivals? In an effort to appease the actives, have the babies elected to haze themselves? Are they literally just idiots, so overcome by excitement that they have lost touch with their ability to very lightly jog, a skill they should have mastered by the age of like…three? So many possibilities.

Anyway, congratulations on your bids, ladies. Don’t worry about whether or not everyone will remember you as “one of the girls who fell on bid day.” They will.

Image via tcu360


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Veronica Ruckh

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