Teacher Uses Strippers To Explain Grammar, Parents Freak The Eff Out (Photo)


It’s the same old story, really. High school teacher needs to find a way to make a lesson interesting. Teacher decides to use strippers because sex = interesting. Overprotective parents find out. Overprotective parents freak out. Teacher gets in trouble. We all give up on society.

Unfortunately for everyone, this recently happened and we can all just forget about making learning fun ever again. It all started when an English teacher at Highland Park High School in Highland Park, Texas had to teach his students about the Oxford comma. It’s a boring lesson, really. In essence, it’s about whether or not you put a comma before the word “and.”

See, you’re bored already. You can’t blame a teacher for trying to jazz things up a bit. Or can you?

According to CBS, parents are saying things like “I mean, it’s not appropriate. And I don’t understand why a teacher would use that. To me that’s not really teaching them anything,” and “It’s a little inappropriate. But I don’t know, whatever these kids need today. You got to catch their attention on something.”

It’s a serious matter. Using sex workers to teach punctuation? Not under these parents’ noses, teach. Reports go on to say that “the teacher deeply regrets the incident and apologized to students in his classes” and that the lesson plan wasn’t approved by the higher-ups.

Ugh. When will these sick teachers learn? Brace yourself for the horrific photos that shocked even the most liberal of parents.

stripperImage via CBS

Yeah. It’s appalling. This crudely drawn, obviously funny, eye-catching, and memorable graphic is not only disturbing, but it’s instilling a lesson that these students will never forget! What a bad, bad teacher.

I can only hope that these students don’t spiral down into a deep depression and sex addiction after viewing these graphic pictures. I’m sure most of these high schoolers were, in fact, virgins and immediately turned to a life of sin in response to these images. Did they even know what a stripper was before this class? Probably not, but they do now. They do now.

To all of the parents out there, I offer my most sincere condolences. The writers at Grandex actually have the same graphic in our “style guide” and honestly? Look how we turned out. It’s a sad, scary day for strippers, awkward drawings of Stalin, and the Oxford comma.

[via Cosmopolitan, CBS]

Image via Shutterstock

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