Teen Mom Arrested for Driving Drunk

Oh, Farrah, get your shit together, girl.

Teen Mom star, Farrah Abraham, 21, was arrested for driving drunk in Omaha, Nebraska on Monday night. Apparently, she was pulled over for taking a turn so wide she nearly crashed into a police cruiser. Once she was pulled over, Farrah took a breathalyzer test, which I’m sure was completely comfortable for her, as blowing things is in her nature. Her BAC was .147, almost twice the legal limit.

Even though her 4-year-old daughter, Sophia, was not in the car with her, I think this is ridiculous and beyond irresponsible. Everybody knows it’s not that tough to get a pledge, a sober sister, a taxi, or a horse (she lives in Nebraska, which is a thing, apparently) to take you home.

Also, this was a Monday night. Is nothing sacred anymore?! I thought Monday nights were pretty much the only nights reserved for rest and sobriety in this world. I mean, think about it: there are $2 Tuesdays, and then the weekend starts on Wednesday and goes until Sunday Fun Day. Who does this bitch think she is, arbitrarily deciding that Monday nights are for blacking out, raging, and getting a DUI? She’s not good at starting trends, obviously, because I don’t think the whole “have a bastard child before you graduate high school” fad has really caught on the way she’d hoped it would.

Also, is anyone else noticing a trend throughout the Teen Mom star demographic? I mean, there was that fat Amber chick who went to rehab (and not in the cute way, in the tragic way). Then Jenelle, who can’t even get custody of her own spawn. Now Farrah, who was more concerned with her boob job and dates with dudes that wear Affliction than her own child, has added blacking out and driving herself home, and putting the lives of everyone in Omaha (all 12 people) in danger to her list of accolades that will undoubtedly be earning her the “mother of the year” award.

What an idiot.

[via TMZ]

Image via Mail Online


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