Teenage Girl Accidentally Spends $733 At Sephora

Teenage Girl Accidentally Spends $733 At Sephora

You ever think, that like, maybe you’re spending all of your money on superficial things that don’t make sense — like beauty products that cost so much money, when the most beautiful thing of all is what’s on the inside? Me fucking neither. Bring on the makeup, bring on the falsies, bring on the waist trainers, and new clothes, because mama’s got people to trick into thinking she’s a stunner.

Unfortunately, this attitude can lead to a pretty expensive habit, so sometimes when you shop for your beauty needs, you hit “Add to cart” a few times and then become horrified when you see how much it would cost if you bought everything you ever wanted. Like 15-year-old Alex Dello did when she accidentally spent $733 of her mom’s money online at Sephora.

The more impressive thing to me, however, is that a 15-year-old is this good at makeup. She has a YouTube channel in her future.

Dello’s Twitter bio now says everything you need to know about her after her brief stint with internet fame: “I kept all the makeup. Teresa didn’t pull thru.”

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Veronica Ruckh

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