Ten Lies Undergrads Tell About Their Post Grad Plans


  1. “I’m taking a year off before graduate school.”
    You mean you didn’t get into a graduate program, or you missed the deadline to apply?
  2. “I’m starting off as an unpaid intern to get experience.” You mean you can’t find a job that will pay you?
  3. “My boyfriend and I are buying a house.”
    You’re telling me you’re both living in a real life adult house straight out of college? With what salary? I think you mean you’re buying a Barbie mansion.
  4. “My friend’s dad is an owner of a huge corporation, so I’m sure he will hook me up with a job.”
    Why do you think he will give you a job when they won’t even give his own child a job?
  5. “I’m going to travel the world and be adventurous.”
    So you’re driving your car to a neighboring state and posting a picture on social media.
  6. “After grad school, I am going to get my doctorate.”
    Let’s be realistic.
  7. “I’ve already got my own place.”
    Living at your parents’ does not count.
  8. “I’m going to get marry a rich guy so he can take care of me.”
    Try getting a normal guy first, then talk to me.
  9. “My starting salary for my new job is going to be around $80,000.”
    You’re waitressing, so you mean your salary is $8.00.
  10. “My parents need help around the house, so I am living home for a couple of years.”
    You really just want to save money while getting a built in maid.

Good luck with your futures. I hope it was everything you dreamt of, or not.

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