Texas Teacher Draws Hilarious Penis On Student’s Homework, Parents Not So Amused

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I think I speak for the majority of people when I say that teaching is probably the world’s worst profession. Sure, you get to shape America’s youth and chill out all summer long, but at what cost? Children are annoying, and keeping track of a big group of kids who didn’t come out of your vagina and therefore hold no emotional attachment sounds like hell on earth. Props to anyone who can tough it out and attempt to educate a group of noisy hood rats. I know I couldn’t.

A language arts teacher from El Paso, Texas is currently facing hoards of angry parents for drawing a penis on a student’s homework and giving it back to him. Apparently the student was “dicking around,” and teacher Kim Juzdowski felt she had put up with enough of his shit. Personally, I think the punishment fit the crime. Dicks are funny, and this kid should count himself lucky that he received a phallic image in lieu of a trip to the principal’s office.

A Chapin High teacher draws a penis on student's assignment

Posted by on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sandra Green, mother of the student and winner of today’s “Most Easily Offended” award, said she was shocked when she witnessed the photo circulate around her son’s social media accounts. If you ask me, the fact that her kid posted the picture to Facebook tells us all we need to know. Anyone who is enough of a shithead to display their own public humiliation is also probably the type of person who messes around in class and makes the teacher’s life a living hell.

Mama Green didn’t see it that way, and immediately contacted the teacher and the school district. Kim owned up to the masterpiece right away, which both A)is a total power move, and B) will probably get her fired. The school has released a statement acknowledging the “inappropriate behavior,” and claims they will handle the incident administratively. Mrs. Green then went a step further to claim that the whole thing reflects a double standard. She told local news, “If it was a [male] teacher doing it to a female student, they would have taken this totally serious¬†…¬†But because it’s the other way around I think they’re letting the light side go on it.”

Total Sandra Move, amiright? Not only did she throw a viral bitch fit for an anatomically vague doodle meant to put her obnoxious son in his place, but now she has to go and say that an entire school district is sexist because they didn’t freak out over the situation. Alright, lady.

Best of luck to Kim as administration decides her punishment. Lady’s a hero in my book.

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