Texas Tech SAE Has A Kliff Kingsbury New Member And He’s Killing The Game

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For the majority of my life, when it came to sports, I could honestly not care less. All that changed when I, along with college girls everywhere, looked upon Texas Tech’s Ryan Gosling lookalike football coach, Kliff Kingsbury. Come on, even his name is hot. I don’t attend Texas Tech–because it’s in the wasteland of Lubbock–but I can only assume game day attendance and school spirit soared when he started coaching. Thankfully, God and Sigma Alpha Epsilon heard our prayers for a young, single, Kliff/Ryan doppelgänger. It gives me great pleasure to introduce the Kliff Kingsbury new member of ΣΑΕ.

Kliff kills it at tailgate ft. Pom Squad   A photo posted by Shaun French (@shaun_mf_french) on

This kid probably had no idea what was coming for him when he rushed ΣΑΕ, but somehow, he lucked out of wearing goofy, embarrassing costumes and instead gets to dress as Tech’s most wanted male. Smart move, ΣΑΕ. I dig what you’re putting down. Shaun French, AKA “Shaunybaby17” or “Shaun_MF_French” is probably getting his DMs slid in like you wouldn’t believe. The resemblance is uncanny–just look at the photos. I’m actually convinced he’s a grown man disguised as a college student. Shaunybaby17, congrats on a membership full of female attention. Go forth and bathe in the spotlight of fame, you beautiful human. Oh, and tell Kliff I said hey.

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