Texas Tech Students Are Asked Junior High-Level History Questions And Fail Miserably

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Look, we’re not all scholars here, I get that. There is no possible way to retain everything we’ve learned since we’ve practically been in school since birth. We’ve learned plenty of useless things through the years:

  1. How to play the recorder: meh
  2. Memorizing the periodic table: not very practical
  3. The current vice president’s name: um yeah,¬†you should know this

However, when a handful of Texas Tech students were asked this seemingly simple, relevant question, only one answered correctly. While the video highlights Texas Tech students, I can only assume that students everywhere would have the same dumbfounded reactions.


Maybe the video was edited to prove a point and make college students appear to be clueless, privileged, young adults. I sure hope so, because I certainly don’t want to live in a world where we are more knowledgeable on Snooki than we are on our nation’s leaders.

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