The 10 Things You’ll Learn From Attending Convention

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Earlier this summer, we gave you “Your Guide To Attending A Sorority Convention” and promised that we would follow up when we got back from ours. Well, we’ve been there and back (and we have the jet lag and tons of branded swag to prove it) so let us tell you what we learned while we were enjoying the company of our sisters.

1. Sorority time is indeed a real thing.
If a meeting starts within 15 minutes of the stated start time, that’s “on time” in sorority land. Deal with it.

2. When you talk to other people, you discover the issues your chapter has are not unique.
The greatest resources you have are your sisters from other chapters, so don’t be afraid to ask them for advice on how they handled a situation.

3. Sorority women–both collegians and alumnae–will pretty much do anything for free swag.
If it’s Lilly swag, they are not above inflicting bodily harm upon their sisters.

4. The best moments at a convention aren’t found in a meeting or at dinner or a party.
Instead, they’re found in the small moments, when you have a great conversation with a sister you didn’t know before, or when you reconnect with one you haven’t seen in a while–even if it’s in the bathroom between sessions.

5. Chapter meetings at convention are pretty much the same as chapter meetings at your chapter–a little bit disorganized, a little bit funny, and a whole lot boring.
But also like your chapter meetings, they are necessary to get shit done.

6. You may not need it, but you WILL buy more stuff branded with your organization’s name and letters.
Because you can never have too many T-shirts, tote bags, jewelry, or notecards. Hope you left room in your suitcase to bring all this stuff home.

7. A lot of the alumnae who go to convention are amazing women and you can learn a lot from them.
They are all busy women, with jobs and kids and families and a million other responsibilities, but they are there and still involved because your sisterhood gave them something that they want to pass on to you. That’s pretty fucking awesome. Follow their example.

8. When choosing between sleep and spending time with your sisters, you will always choose the latter.
This is the right choice, and you will only mildly regret it when you struggle to stay awake during an educational session.

9. Sorority women are generous.
Our sisters gave tens of thousands of dollars for our national philanthropy when we were at convention; we know this is the story for all sororities having a convention this summer. All of those people who think we are self-serving bitches can suck it.

10. Age, chapter of initiation, and region don’t matter. When we choose to join a sorority, we are all part of one sisterhood.
And that sisterhood is bigger than you, than your chapter. No other experience can teach you that as well as a convention can. As the person who was selected to represent your chapter at convention, it’s your responsibility to bring that concept back to the sisters. Remember that, always.

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