The 10 Worst Labels For Girls To Have

1. Classless

I know “class” is the new c-word, but it’s still important, mainly, because it determines how people treat you. If you dress like you have an aversion to fabric and cuss on a regular basis people will treat you how you’re acting: like trash. The most iconic women in the world created and upheld ridiculously high standards for themselves – Kate Middleton, Jackie Kennedy, Princess Diana – these are the types of women we should be striving to be like.

2. Stupid

Playing dumb is an outdated and ineffective strategy to attract men and it is seriously intolerable for other women. Think for one second what kind of guy would want a dumb girl…the wrong kind. Being dumb might have been charming in grade school, but it won’t get you anywhere in the real world. We’ve all made the occasional ditzy comment whether we want to admit it or not, but we shouldn’t resort to suppressing our knowledge for guys…in fact we should be using it to impress them. Real men want a woman they can have an intellectual conversation with and someone who can challenge their thoughts and ideas.

3. Fake

No, I’m not talking about your boob job or your bleached blonde hair, those things are fine (well, if they’re done right). I’m talking about being two-faced. You’ll never like every person you meet, or agree with every idea that you hear, but the only thing worse than being extremely opinionated on every little thing you see or hear, is pretending you love every little thing you see or hear. People talk. Don’t be heard bashing a sister one day then seen drinking Starbucks and painting her nails the next. You’ll immediately be labeled “untrustworthy,” and that’s a label that’s nearly impossible to retract.

4. Sloppy

In any sense of the word, sloppy isn’t cute. My campus attire isn’t exactly polished, but I always make time to slap on a little makeup, put on my pearl earrings and spray a little perfume. It’s tested and true: if you look good, you’ll feel good. With drinking, too, don’t be the sloppy girl at the party. Now I know we’ve all gone crazy and had those “I can’t believe what I did last night” nights. To be honest, I just had one this past weekend, but there’s no denying that they’re embarrassing…and making a habit of getting that senseless is asking for trouble. Once again, people talk. Don’t make that name for yourself; if you handle yourself well, you’ll never be the victim of a scandalous story.

5. Easy

Have morals and follow them. College is all about having fun and getting crazy, but it’s easy to get caught up in the relaxed lifestyle. Don’t let a spell of bad decisions ruin the name you’ve spent your whole life making for yourself. This title will cause men to only see you as an object. Of course, we all make mistakes, which is why college is great because, well, we all make them. But just keep one thing in mind: no one wants to be with someone who’s been with everyone.

6. Needy

First of all, don’t be the needy girlfriend. It’s annoying…simple as that. Secondly, if you need something, go get it. We should never rely on anyone to make things happen for us when we have every opportunity to make things happen for ourselves. Although it would be nice, life isn’t going to just fall into place for us, we need to go out there and get whatever it is we want. A wise (fictional, but whatever) woman once said, “Destiny is for losers. It’s just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen.” Well said Blair Waldorf, well said.

7. Plain

Make people remember you (as long as it’s in a positive light, of course). Don’t settle for blending in with the crowd. Being average won’t make you great, it will make you normal. Try to be the most involved, the best dressed, or the most outgoing. A competitive attitude will get you far.

8. Annoying

Don’t be the girl that’s updating her Facebook status or uploading selfies every 2 hours. Just remember, people tend to like things that they don’t get too much of. This is especially important when dealing with men, they live for the chase. If you’re incessantly throwing yourself at him then he will quickly lose interest. Just take it down a notch, give people a chance to miss you.

9. Unreliable

Being on time, keeping a secret, getting things done, doing what you’re supposed to…these are all parts of being reliable. People should be able to trust you to come through for them. Yes, we’re girls and it takes us forever to do just about anything, so being late every once and a while is expected. But don’t flake out when it really matters, it leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths.

10. Inconsistent

Consistency is key, without it, you’ll be considered overrated. Here’s an example: If your friend is raving about this amazing coffee shop where the coffee tastes like heaven, then you go there and the coffee is only gas station coffee pot quality, you’d say it was overrated. Similarly, say you have two interviews, one is your dream job and the other is just a backup, you shouldn’t give the backup half of your effort, because you might not get the dream job and your subpar effort won’t be enough to get the backup either. Long story short, just give it everything you’ve got at all times. You’ll be more successful that way.

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